The 2nd International Workshop on Scalable Data Analytics in Scientific Computing (SDASC) 2021ΒΆ

The ever increasing importance of methods originating in statistical inference and their growing use at large cloud computing facilities leads both the scientific and HPC communities to look into new ways of applying computational steering and incorporate it into their large-scale simulations. The SDASC workshop will feature automated data analysis efforts at the convergence of computational science, HPC, large-scale data analytics and inference. The focus will be on the integration of the HPC techniques and statistical learning tasks into the modern software stack of computational science.

SDASC is a half-day workshop that will gather experts from the intersection of computational science, HPC, and machine learning. The committee members are recognized in their respective fields as experts of note and will assure fulfilment of the goals of the workshop.

This workshop will complement the other events artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics taking place at ISC 2021.

Finally, the workshop aims to establish a forum of discourse and exchange of ideas about current practices for integration of HPC and data analytics. The outcomes will include discussion about contemporary methods and implementation techniques that unify modern statistical inference, latest software stacks for machine learning deployed on supercomputing machines with hardware accelerators.

Past editions of the workshop:

[ 2019 ]